My Voting Right 发表于 2016-3-22 13:47:20

  • Quite some years ago, a middle-aged lady from our residents’ committee came to me and told me I could exercise my voting right as a citizen. She showed me a piece of paper containing the names of five candidates, and asked me to choose one from them as my supported candidate for election of the district people’s congress or political consultance conference (I don’t remember which). I knew none of the candidates and had never heard their names before. There were no pictures on the paper that could show me how they looked like. Nor was there any resume of them on the paper that could let me know what type of people they were and what their experience was. Only five names!  

    “How can I make a choice if I know none of them?”, I asked.

    “Just randomly choose one”, she said.

    The Chinese characters of their names suggested that two of them were ladies, and three men. I chose one candidate, a lady, whose name appeared to me the best of all the five names.

    So I made my choice based on the merits of the names of the candidates.

    Ever since then, I have not had another chance to exercise my voting right.

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